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Simple.. Tasteful. Artistic. Embracing the design of the Batta Sushi, Mexico City location and transforming it into the perfect Tulum beach haven for an elegant culinary dining experience..

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Creative Direction

Featuring textures consisting of wood and granite while integrating the natural landscape, Batta Tulum breathes notes of the ocean and tropical forests. Tucked away in the center of Tago Tulum Hotel, Batta provides an oasis for its guests feating a koi pond, oceanic wood textures, marble, and trees embedded into the landscape. 

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Why Batta?

Why do we go to any restaurant? We venture out of our comfortable homes to experience culture and atmosphere. While sushi has existed in Mexico for quite some time, none have provided the authenticity and gastronomic adventure like Batta. It's never about who does it first, but rather who does it best.

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Culinary Experience

Absent of normality, Batta Tulum allows guests an exemplary culinary experience with a heavy focus on nigiris and sashimis, paired with a delectable wine menu. Batta preserves authentic Japanese techniques and brings a new taste to Mexico's changing gastronomy.

Web Presence

Batta Tulum's website is sleek, and simple to navigate. We opted to incorporate both Batta locations in the same site to make the user experience easier. 

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Color Palette

We aimed to combine the beach aesthetic of Tulum neutrals with elegant shades of green to bring a touch of luxury to the project.

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