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Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jake Adler has never classified himself as one type of creative. 

Jake's complicated childhood fueled the breeding ground for his creativity as he required an outlet for his emotion. By the age of 12, Jake had become a computer expert and was designing websites using Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, and website builders. His freshman year of high school, he launched his first website "" which was a gaming website that evaded the schools firewalls. Word quickly spread and he was soon receiving 10,000 website hits daily. 

While web design was intriguing to Jake, he would soon come to discover his real passion which is music. At the age of 14, his friend Wes Walker introduced him to the DJ software Traktor, and it was love at first sight. Jake couldn't get enough of electronic music and the energy that engulfed him. He became infatuated with the sophisticated arrangements and began experimenting with the production softwares Reason and Ableton Live.

After grade school, Jake opted to attend Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Marketing and Advertising. While at Shippensburg, he consistently DJ'd for his fraternity and continued to toy with his new found passion for electronic music production. He found early success with his remix of "Landslide" by Oh Wonder which accumulated 80,000 streams on Soundcloud. His senior year of college, Jake discovered his voice and began to question the direction of his music. 

When Jake graduated college, he made the bold decision to move to Miami, Florida to pursue his music full time. When he arrived in Miami, he walked into the first recording studio he found and asked for an internship. This is where Jake spent 6 months as an intern, and then hired recording/mixing engineer at Studio Center in Miami, FL. Studio Center has produced 8 Grammy's and featured artists such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Ozuna. During his tenure, Jake has had the opportunity to work on projects featuring Nikki Minaj and DJ Snake, and directly with artists such as Anuel AA, Pretty Ricky, Money Bo, Bobby Lytes, and many more. This experience allowed Jake to refine his craft and enable him to launch his solo career as "Adler XCVI" which combined electronic elements with a pop vibe. 

Over the course of his music career, Jake has handled every step of the process by owning the production of his production, recording, mixing, mastering, cover art, digital media, social media, website design, and marketing efforts. The XCVI project found its stride with the single "Tired Eyes" which achieved over 1,050,000 streams across all platforms. In 2020, Jake released his freshman album "Home" and then shortly after, retired Adler XCVI to launch his new acoustic project "Jake Adler." He recently released his debut album "26" in November 2022 to critical acclaim.

Jake has since had his songs featured on "The Chart Show" by Apple Music Beats 1 Radio, and have had a collaboration chart as a #1 Beatport single. His projects have achieved over 11.5M+ Streams collectively.

In addition to finishing his sophomore studio album which is slated for release in December 2022, Jake is currently in the process of founding his high-end fashion house "ALT SOCIETY" which will launch in Winter of 2023. He also continues to freelance in graphic design, copywriting, website content/building, and digital/social marketing. 

While music is his passion, Jake found it difficult to support himself financially, and opted to leave Studio Center in pursuit of a more stable full-time job utilizing his college degree. This is how Jake began his sales and marketing career with Ink Global, the world's largest travel media company. While at Ink, Jake had the opportunity to handle sales, copywriting, media placements, and marketing budgets for clients as their Brand Partnerships Manager. Jake has collaborated with businesses like WeightWatchers (WW), Apple Music, and many more. These collaborations amounted to over $350,000 in revenue. While in Miami, he had the pleasure of collaborating on a freelance basis with the sushi restaurant Batta Tulum on their creative direction. 


When the pandemic began and travel came to a standstill, he parted ways with Ink and returned to Philadelphia, PA where he partnered with a modern OPM called Noodle as their Enrollment Coordinator. Fast forward to 2022, Jake migrated to Boston to collaborate with Starry Internet as their Growth Marketing Manager where he currently works full-time. At Starry, Jake has had the pleasure of strategizing and implementing Boston’s Direct-to-Consumer product rollout, leading their holistic marketing strategy and coordination, as well as managing a team of two marketing coordinators and eight brand ambassadors.

Most recently, Jake has been heading the Seller Marketing department at SaaS tech startup Aucto. He is responsible for growing the business by running lead generation automation programs, Google PPC, social advertising, and field marketing. Since joining Aucto, he has been responsible for over $5M in GMV.

The future is looking bright for Jake, and he offers us a fresh perspective on how creatives should not be confined to one field. 

Notable Acheivements
(Thus far..)

  • Apple Music "Beats 1 Radio" Feature on "The Chart Show" (2x) (2021)

  • Beatport Progressive House #1 charting Single with DJ "Pietro" (2021)

  • 11,500,000+ lifetime music streams (2019-present)

  • Digital/print media collaborations in excess of $350K at Ink

  • Rollout of Starry Internet's DTC launch in Boston, MA

  • $5M+ GMV growth at Aucto 

  • 50+ freelance partnership projects completed with 5-Star ratings

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