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Music for the new age.

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Effortlessly embodies all of the qualities you'd hope to find on your wedding night. Written under candlelight from the comfort of his apartment, Jake produced, recorded, and mixed his meticulously crafted debut record. Jake says of the track: "I've always found myself to be somewhat of a hopeless romantic. Most of my previous records have been sad and related to break-ups. Now that I've finally found myself in a healthier place from a mental health standpoint, in addition to having a healthy relationship, I saw this as an opportunity to write something positive, while retaining my romantic style. I've always wanted to write a wedding song. I've always dreamed of playing my song at weddings during one of people's happiest, most venerable times of their lives." Dense in emotion, Jake Adler's debut single is sure to be a timeless love song.

Apple Music Radio:
"The Chart Show"

Effortlessly was featured twice on "The Chart Show" which is hosted by Brooke Reese on Apple Music Radio. The station is the largest in the world with 72 million subscribers. This was the first milestone which has helped establish Jake's presence in the pop/folk space.

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Smile dives into the fragility of growing up in a broken home. Over 50% of modern relationships now end in divorce and often, children bear the brunt of the effects. With Smile, Jake details what it was like growing up in a split family, and uncovers the lingering trauma. Smile however shares an overall positive message of hope and recovery. By allowing listeners into his traumatic past, Jake hopes to provide optimism for those who are currently in a tough family situation, or for those who still reel with lasting trauma.


Most tracks on Jake's freshman project (Adler XCVI) were focused on the listeners appeal, not so much on the messaging. Smile was Jake's first attempt at capturing the deep lyricism and imagery he's yearned for in his music.

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SOS is the third single from Jake Adler. It follows the metaphorical story of a single-passenger plane that goes missing over the ocean. Jake finds himself on an island with nothing but his thoughts and realizes that this break from society is exactly what he needed to find clarity in life. Buried beneath a beautiful, descriptive tale is a deeper message of hope and courage in the battle against anxiety and depression. SOS is as relatable of a track as they come.


SOS is the track that has helped define Jake's style and direction. No more spoilers for now ;)

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Web Presence

Jake Adler's website interface is designed to capture the essence of the artist, while maintaining its simplicity. All web design, graphics, copywriting, UX/UI are crafted by Jake. Personalized SEO options have allowed for optimal placement.










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